Amputated of the hind legs this dog runs for the animal cause!

With her hind legs amputated after being shot, Sherry the dog embarks on a whole new challenge to support the association that saved her. She will run more than a kilometer and a half a day to raise funds.

As reported by ITV , an amputee dog named Sherry takes part in a sort of marathon to raise funds for the development of a visitors’ area at the shelter where she lives. In the center of the Dogs4Rescue association , which saved Sherry 5 years ago, potential adopters can only meet the dogs in the kitchen, for lack of a dedicated area. To build one, 15,000 pounds sterling are needed (a little over 16,000 euros). A prize pool was therefore opened online and, to encourage Internet users to make donations , Sherry embarked on a race lasting nearly a month.

The bitch, without hind legs or tail , but having recently received a custom-made cart , started this Monday (August 19) to run 1 mile per day (1.6 km), for 26 days. A real revenge on the sad fate that Sherry experienced before landing in this refuge located in Irlam , in the region of Manchester (north of England).

This brave dog used to live in Bulgaria. It was there that she had been the victim of a gunfire , paralyzing her rear end. Picked up by the Twitchy Nose organization, she was then taken care of by a family in England, but the latter ended up entrusting her to Dogs4Rescue , which funded its operations . With her hind limbs and tail cut off , Sherry has regained some of her mobility and the pleasure of running thanks to her new cart.

The Dogs4Rescue shelter is one of the first in the UK not to keep its canine boarders in boxes . They evolve freely within the establishment. The visiting space should facilitate meetings between potential adopters and the dogs, most of which were condemned and come from various countries in the East (Romania, Bulgaria), China, Afghanistan, Cyprus or even from Oman.

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We therefore wish Sherry a very good race, hoping that the Dogs4Rescue association succeeds in raising the necessary funds for the realization of his noble project .


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