A dog takes affection for an orphan foal

Zip the dog looked after his friend Tye, a foal who lost his mother, until he grew up and became independent.

The Dodo tells us the wonderful story of a very special friendship , that between a dog and a horse .

It all started when, a few days after the birth of Tye the foal , his mother fell seriously ill . Their owner, Karla Swindle , then spent the night with the young horse and the mare in the barn. Despite the treatments received, his health had worsened and his end was unfortunately near.

Zip , Karla’s dog, decided to follow his mistress and therefore also stayed in the barn to observe the scene . The 5 year old Australian Cattle Dog then approached Tye, who was on the flank, and lay down beside him . Several foals had seen the light of day on Karla’s property, but the dog had never really taken an interest in them . With Tye , it was different. It was as if he had sensed that the young equine needed help . In the morning, the latter’s mother breathed her last . Zip has never left Tye since, comforting him like no other.

Tye’s demeanor changed dramatically when Zip was around him. Sad and confused, the colt became much more relaxed when his friend was around.

Days passed, then months, and Tye grew into a tall, handsome horse . Now he spent most of his time galloping and trotting outside, in the paddock, with his big sister. The horse’s imposing size and his sometimes sudden movements have led Zip to take his distance little by little, but whenever he has the opportunity, he runs to join him to share a good time with him.

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Today, Zip can be proud of the work he has done; he accompanied Tye in his development and allowed him to gain confidence despite the loss of his mother. Even if they can no longer play together as before, each of them keeps in his heart a big and beautiful place for the other.


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