Surprised by tears from the sky, passers-by discover a panicked and trapped kitten on the 12th floor

A kitten had found itself at the top of a building under construction, under a blazing sun and without water. Volunteers intervened as soon as they found out.

Squeaky’s rescue took place in June 2017 in Beirut , capital of Lebanon. The unfortunate kitten had been meowing in distress for days, almost losing his voice. It was at the 12th floor of a building under construction, until a neighbor being aware and alert the association Animals Lebanon.

How did the kitten get there? It was a mystery, but Maggie Shaarawi believes he was born at the construction site and that at some point he was separated from his mother . Disoriented and in the half-light, he had certainly climbed the floors one by one, following his instinct , and no longer knew how to come down.

As he did not allow himself to be approached, the Animals Lebanon team had to set up a trap , consisting of a cage in which a tin of tuna was placed, in order to attract him there. 18 hours later, the ploy has paid off. The volunteers took him to the vet , who rehydrated and treated him. The little feline had, in fact, caught a viral disease. He was also hungry , of course.

Placed on antibiotics and having received other treatments, the kitten regained shape in a few days. The folks at Animals Lebanon called it Squeaky , because of its rather peculiar meow. It is also possible to hear it in the video below:

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Squeaky was given to a foster family . A chance that all cats in the country do not necessarily have. The animal protection associations have, in fact, a lot to do there, given the number of animals left to themselves and the policy pursued by the authorities towards them. Many street cats and dogs have indeed been poisoned . An action which also made victims among the animals which had families.


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