Why do you benefit from taking out insurance for your dog?

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Why take out insurance for your dog? The usefulness of such an approach is true in more than one respect.”

Our health insurance helps us to meet our expenses related to care and medicines. The one applied to our pets does the same. Whether it is regular veterinary procedures or interventions made necessary by emergency situations, having insurance to cover these costs can significantly reduce the budget allocated to your dog. More than one reason can motivate the use of health insurance for your pet.”

” What is pet insurance?

The animal insurance allows you to benefit from full or partial reimbursement of the expenses incurred in the health of your pet. The operation of dog health insurance is close to that of a classic mutual.”

Here are the main steps:

The owner of the dog takes him to the vet for a routine consultation, illness or emergency. Once the examination and any care is completed, the practitioner provides the master with the prescriptions and the completed and signed care sheet. The latter regulates the consultation and medications. The owner then sends all these documents (care sheet, prescriptions and proof of purchase of medication) to the insurer who studies the file. The owner of the animal then receives the refund.

There are different types of formulas, depending on the level of protection and coverage desired. Dog or cat insurance can cover only expenses related to accidents or also cover diseases, or even vaccines and antiparasitic treatments.”

A variety of aspects must be taken into account when choosing your pet insurance. Is there an age limit? Can sterilization costs be covered? During a stay abroad, is the animal covered? What is the availability of the insurer in case of problem or need for information (agencies, telephone assistance …)?”

” Because the dog is not safe from an accident

We can take care of his dog at all times and make sure that he lives in the safest and healthiest environment possible, he is never completely safe from an accident. The vagaries of life affecting our 4-legged friends are not only difficult trials to live with, but also cause significant expenses.”

If he is hit by a car, for example, X-ray is essential to assess the nature and severity of the lesions. The average price for a radio station is around 40 euros.”

then comes the care itself. The cost of an operation for a fracture can exceed a thousand euros, but the amount can easily increase depending on the complexity of the lesion and the means implemented during the intervention.”

The hospitalization of the animal also increases the bill. The costs are very variable depending on the clinic, you can go from about ten euros to more than 80 euros / day.”

Enjoying refunds in these cases is a real breath of fresh air.”

Because monitoring one’s health is essential, but expensive

Knowing your dog happy and healthy, it is obviously priceless. However, in reality, this still represents a cost that can easily weigh heavily on the family budget.”

The veterinary follow-up of the animal is essential, and this, throughout its life. It includes annual visits. The practitioner can thus ensure that the dog is doing well after a global examination.”

These regular consultations also allow him to detect possible problems or diseases, such as lumps, early. He can thusact quickly and ensure that the chances of recovery are optimal for the animal.”

These visits and routine care are not free. The average price for the veterinary consultation is 30 euros. At a specialist (behaviorist, for example), it is of the order of 90 euros. The practitioner can request laboratory analyses, which are usually charged between 50 and 100 euros.”

Again, animal insurance allows you to control your veterinary expenses.”

Because pet insurance covers other aspects of the dog’s life

Pet insurance is a valuable support in other circumstances of the dog’s life.”

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Some insurers offer related services such as the provision of an advisor in case of loss of the animal; advice is then provided on which bodies to turn to and what good practices should be applied during the research.”

You can also opt for a death benefit, which you benefit from in various ways if the dog were to disappear: finance the funeral, adopt another animal…

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