Dog Medal

Illustration : "La médaille pour chien"

although the dog medal cannot replace major recognition patterns, such as tattoos, especially electronic chips, it may be useful in more than one case.


what does it look like? How can she help you? Limitations of dog medal the information contained in

with the emergence of electronic chips, when we identify four legged friends, the dog medal is no longer a real necessary condition. On the other hand, it is a quick and convenient identification element, which can be referenced when needed, and can also be well hung on animal necklaces. What does

look like?

is usually a small plate used to carve and hang on a dog’s necklace. There are a variety of patterns on the market in various shapes: from simple round or square to the most strange cuts, to bones, hearts, legs, stars and crowns.

their edges are smooth and round to prevent injury. These medals are light and strong to avoid inconvenience to the dog. The choice of colors is equally wide. So all the tastes are very satisfied. How can

help you?

in the past, if a dog got lost, the dog medal was the only way to find it. However, tattoos, especially identification chips, have become the main identification methods.


, but if many dog owners still want to award medals to their dog companions, it is because their information is easier to obtain. The identification chip can only be read through a specific device that can only be used by police, gendarmerie and shelter staff. When anyone stumbles over a stray dog wearing a medal, anyone can know the owner’s contact information and contact him to warn him.

is usually

, Dog trainers who live outdoors or tend to run away are most interested in winning medals. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about the limitations of the

dog medal, but it should be remembered that the dog medal cannot replace the electronic identification chip. In short, it is a supplement to the dog. If the dog gets lost, it provides an additional opportunity to find it.

on the other hand, the medal may be lost, either because it hangs wrong or because of its poor quality.

, of course, in some cases, Not everyone has the courage to approach a dog to hold its medal and read it, especially if it belongs to a breed with a bad reputation, such as bulldog, Staffordshire Terrier or Rowe. By the way, remember that the behavior of animals mainly depends on the quality of education and socialization, not the breed.

contains information

dog specific information

can also be read: dog bow

Its name: This is not the most important factor determining the possibility of its discovery, but it can still use its unique electronic chip identification number: the person who finds the dog can give it to the veterinarian, such as its possible special needs: if the dog is sick, If a person must avoid giving him or her specific food, etc.,

information about the owner

his name and address

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