A couple denounced to the police for non-compliance with the confinement after saving a dog reported missing


While he had saved a dog lost for 2 weeks in the Irish mountains, a couple is the subject of a police investigation. One person denounced him for non-compliance with the lockdown.”

On February 6, Jean-François Bonnet, a Frenchman living in Ireland, and his companion Ciara Nolan rescued a dog who had gone astray 2 weeks before. They had discovered her exhausted and shivering on Lugnaquilla Mountain in Wicklow, in the east of the country, while they were hiking there.”

The animal had escaped its masters by going after a deer during a walk. The other dog in the family, a German Shepherd called Harley, accompanied him on this crazy race, but he had managed to find his way home, unlike his congener.”

All 2 doctors, the hikers had carried Neesha, female Golden Retriever of 8 years, for nearly 10 kilometers, then took care of her at home. Thanks to an association, its owners had been identified and were able to recover it.”

A heroic action on the part of the couple, but which did not prevent him from being reported to the police. As REPORTED by LADbible, in fact, a person who had seen the videos of Jean-François Bonnet and Ciara Nolan contacted the authorities to report what he considers to be a violation of the containment rules put in place in Ireland to stem the progression of Covid-19.”

” The police opened an investigation

The 2 doctors are domiciled in Arklow, but were staying at that time at the Elbowroom Escape in Donard, an hour’s drive away, while travel is prohibited beyond 5 km from home.”

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Lisa Wilkinson, manager of the hotel in question, explains that the establishment currently welcomes members of the nursing staff and employees of essential sectors, to allow them both to rest and avoid contact with their loved ones. The Elbowroom Escape will only return to receiving other customers once travel restrictions have been lifted.”

Police said they have opened an investigation, as they do every time they identify potential violations of public health regulations.”

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