Deaf dog trapped 6 meters deep unearthed with backhoe loader after 30 hours of relentlessness

Guided by his intuition, a man whose dog had disappeared called on a friend who was a construction machine operator to dig in a specific location. The canine owner had a hollow nose. After several hours of effort, the animal was recovered unharmed.

In the UK, a female dog trapped underground , several meters deep, was saved thanks to a backhoe loader and her master’s instinct , as TimesNowNews reports.

This Tuesday, January 5, Dizzy , a deaf female English Cocker Spaniel accompanied her owner on a walk in the county of Worcestershire (West of England), when the latter lost sight of her .

Desperate, the man named Duncan Flowers started looking for her all over the area, but Dizzy was nowhere to be found . Hours have passed since the dog’s disappearance and her master had no idea how he was going to be able to locate her.

He made a plea for help on social media , to which many people responded. About thirty volunteers went to the scene and took part in the search.

As he began to lose hope, Duncan Flowers had a revelation when he saw a hole in a nearby field. There was no indication that his dog was there, but he still called a friend who owned a backhoe loader.

The latter quickly arrived with his machine and began to dig at the indicated location. Two and a half hours later, Dizzy was free , in the arms of his relieved master. She had spent 30 long hours at a depth of 6 meters . The dog was covered with earth and chilled with cold , but did not suffer from any serious injuries .

A real little miracle

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