Sentenced a few hours after his birth, this disabled dog escapes euthanasia

Born without front legs, then seriously ill, Nubby was unlikely to survive. Yet one family believed in this dog and did everything to save it.

It was in January 2017 that Nubby was born . The puppy was different from the other members of his litter, since he had no front legs . Because of this, he could not reach his mother’s breasts to suckle her . He was therefore in danger of starving very quickly, as The Dodo tells it. The vet who examined him at the time even suggested that he be euthanized .

Lou Robinson was out of the question. With her husband Mark , the latter had served as a foster family for abandoned, orphaned or distressed dogs for years. She is also the founder of Warriors Educate About Rescue , an organization through which she teaches people to care for animals .

Lou Robinson therefore welcomed Nubby at her home, near Houston in the State of Texas. The couple took turns looking after and feeding the puppy.

Everything was fine for about 3 weeks, then the little dog’s health started to deteriorate . He would start to sneeze, no longer relieve himself, and he would eat less and less. X -ray examinations revealed that Nubby suffered from pneumonia , but also from an anomaly in the esophagus ; a pocket had formed there, trapping the milk it received.

The puppy had to be placed on an IV and in an oxygen chamber . He fought to stay alive . He and his adoptive parents have won their bet !

While doomed, Nubby got away with it. He is now 3 years old and leads a happy life with his family, as we can see by browsing the Facebook page dedicated to him.

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