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The hair appearance of Illustration : "La brosse pour chien" and

dogs is one of the main indicators to measure the health and well-being of dogs. Therefore, care is necessary, so it is important to choose dog brush.


why is dog brush essential? Brush and other brush accessories classic dog brush comb and comb knife stirrup comb comb molting knife

a happy and healthy dog, which also needs to maintain its hair. In order to do this, dog brush is an essential tool. What is it used for? How to use it? What are the different types of brushes? Let’s take a look. Why is

dog brush essential?

tooth brushing is one of the most important care for dogs, whether it is for the beauty of hair or for the health and well-being of dogs. It should be done regularly: some dogs do it once a day, while others do it less frequently (once a week on average), depending on their clothing characteristics (length, density, texture, presence of undercoat…). The basic brushing tool is a dog brush.

the dog owner you are or plan to become must equip your dog with a suitable brush. This will enable you to maintain the aesthetics of the

hair and its protective effect (against weather, heat, etc.) to remove dust, Dirt and plant residues that may accumulate during walking and playing, remove dead hair, detect possible external parasites (ticks, fleas…), check skin conditions: redness, lumps, injuries…

dog brush will be used for all these, At the same time, give your four legged friend a moment to relax and collude. In fact, most dogs brush their teeth like a massage. Your child has been used to it since he was very young, so he can learn to stand quietly and fully enjoy this special moment.

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dog brush. Strictly speaking, dog brush is only one of the tools to brush hair and maintain hair. Classic pattern, nylon or boar hair, for short haired dogs. It is also used for trimming (smoothing) long haired or medium haired dogs. In addition, there is a picot brush for light solution (not deep).

comb and comb knife

for long haired or medium haired dogs, the comb should be used for deep solution first. If the knotter is difficult to untie, use a comb cut with a blade.


caliper consists of a handle connected to a flat support with a metal needle. These are used to drill down to the bottom. Kdspe


cards are arranged in a fairly dense manner through their metal rods to remove dead hair to the greatest extent. They may have pickups.

can also read: dog bow

molting knife

molting knife helps remove hard hair or dead hair of Ras dogs.

here you are, so, Choose the appropriate brush model and accessories according to the characteristics of your dog. Veterinarians and beauticians can give you valuable advice. “

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