Teach the dog to “jump on the back”

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why and how to teach his dog to jump? I explained everything in this article.


why should he teach his dog “back” or “bang! You’re dead”? How to teach your dog “back”?

indicates “back” or more commonly “pan! You’re dead” is a very popular technique because its effect ensures the fun of the gallery!

here I provide a simple and quick way to teach your dog this trick. “Why should

teach his dog” back “or” bang! You’re dead “?

first of all, like all tricks, this kind of learning helps your dog’s intellectual consumption. It is very important to keep your pet awake through small and challenging exercises / games.


skill learning courses also help to strengthen the interspecific relationship between you and your pet. This is a privileged moment of sharing and collusion.

then, more specifically, this technique finally makes it easier for you to brush your teeth or dry your dog. A simple “bang” and your dog is ready to wipe your ass on your stomach!

no matter what you say, this is a very interesting trick, which often makes big and small dogs happy. “How does

” teach your dog “on your back”?

first of all, to teach your dog this trick, you must:

your dog has a good educational foundation, such as “lying” and “not moving”. You and your dog have been used to a round of learning mechanism (forming / forming will be used here) Choose a quiet place, start learning without stimulation, spend time, don’t waste time, and actively strengthen correct behavior. Step 1 of

: choose a quiet place, Bring yourself candy and all the patience you can show.

step 2: let your dog lie down and guide him to lie down with candy, preferably on his side.

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some dogs may find it difficult to “let go” to this point and relax enough to lie down. Therefore, take time at this step to reassure your dog and actively strengthen all his good behaviors, even with minimal effort.

“When your dog’s head touches the ground, give it food to reward it. You can mark the correct behavior more accurately with mouse clicks.”

Step 3: when your dog lies on one side naturally, you can start to use “immobility” to increase the lying time.

give your dog a warm reward when he lies on one side for longer and longer with his head down.

please repeat this step several times without hesitation to ensure that you have obtained this step before continuing.

Step 4: your dog lies naturally to one side, head down and tries to stay for a few seconds? Then you can introduce oral instructions and related gestures.

in this round, you usually use the word “pan!” and imitate the gun with your hand (for more interesting effects).

when your dog lies on the ground, head down and doesn’t move, say “bang!” and give him candy to reward him. Don’t hesitate and show some enthusiasmIn order to make your dog really understand that this is what you expect of him,

repeat this step several times, which is one of the most important steps. If your dog encounters difficulties, don’t scold it, don’t punish it, just go back to the next step and further strengthen it.

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step 5: from now on, You can let your dog sit or stand and “pretend to be dead”. The purpose here is to let him turn his back to you at any time.

. Finally, please remember that this kind of learning must first be your dog’s game. This is not forcing him to take uncomfortable positions. If you see signs of discomfort (yawning, licking truffles, etc.) during your study, don’t insist! “Kdspe

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