Conflict between an adult dog and a puppy

For , Illustration : "Les conflits entre chien adulte et chiot" and

, it is generally recommended that adult dogs live with dogs. Their interaction will enable puppies to interact with their peers and receive education.


what is the root cause of the conflict between dogs and puppies? How to reduce the number of fights? The

dog will play a role model and will take responsibility to teach it the correct way of behavior. Unfortunately, there may be a conflicting relationship between an adult dog and a puppy. You must learn to deal with these situations and be vigilant. What is the root cause of the conflict between

dogs and puppies? If your dog lives in a shelter or is adopted after 3 months of age, the

conflict will be more frequent. A puppy who has lived at home almost since birth is also best welcomed by adult dogs. However, the first conflict may occur in about six or seven months. This age is equivalent to the puberty of a dog. Dogs, often teased, will cause their own fights.


food distribution and walking are the main sources of conflict. It is at these times that your dog tries to get your attention, or they want to possess a toy. In this case, please be careful not to bring any benefits to anyone.

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if physical conflicts are repeated, there is a (unfair) solution. The purpose is not to guarantee equality between dogs. In the team, there is a strict hierarchy. Competition is often the root of conflict, so you must prefer aggressive dogs. Therefore, the hierarchy between dogs is strengthening, which helps to ease the relationship. I would rather touch the attacker in front of the dog than scold the other party to comfort the victim. If you do the opposite, this may be the root of the problem.

in addition to this situation, maintain a neutral and impartial attitude towards your two dogs.

you should know that the socialization of your dog and his companions is very important to prevent this conflict. The more your dog is used to getting along with similar animals, the more he can adapt to a new puppy. Finally, you can also install a petscol ESSENTIELLES soothing oil diffuser to soothe your dog and relieve pressure, so as to put all opportunities on your side to ensure harmony between them.

in short, Cohabitation of adult dogs and puppies requires a lot of attention and education. Always fully understand your dog’s origin and family genetics to prevent its behavior.

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