A dog and his disabled owner offer love and hugs to these patients every Sunday (Video)

For 4 years, a young man with motor disabilities has been living with his mother and his faithful dog, Corey. An animal that allows him to live in perfect harmony. An animal who, every Sunday, also visits (with his master) the patients of the local hospital, all in palliative care.

Arriving in palliative care is never good news. It is the stage, very often, preceding the death. Unless there is a spectacular remission, the disease does not matter. In this dreaded part of hospitals, there is hardly any room for laughter, smile, good humor. We are biding our time.

So, to brighten it all up, TJ , a disabled young man with cerebral palsy and tardive dyskinesia , comes every Sunday to visit the residents of Saline Memorial Hospital. Better still, he finds himself in the company of his faithful dog Corey .

What is more, many residents are not fortunate enough to have visitors on weekdays. So TJ and Corey are their weekly sunshine. The Labrador brings its calm and its great healing power .

Corey, a great topic of conversation

Corey has been specially trained and educated to support critically ill patients. Better, to comfort them , console them , and bring them tenderness . TJ is the first beneficiary. Severely handicapped himself, he would be wrong to deprive himself of the undeniable qualities of his pet.

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