Interrupt dog fighting

Illustration : "Interrompre un combat de chiens"

no one wants to see their dog fight with others, risking injury or injury to their opponent. However, when this happens, you must know how to respond quickly rather than panic and interrupt the conflict. It is not uncommon to see how to separate two dogs in the fierce

battle. All dog owners are afraid: when you walk with your dog, another person and his dog walk in your direction, and both animals stare at you, Sometimes it’s hard to avoid dog fighting. They are short, usually only a few seconds, but strong and impressive. Especially because they may leave sequelae. How do we prevent your dog and another dog from appearing suddenly? What if this happens? What makes two dogs fight?

has many things that can make one dog seek confrontation with another dog. In most cases, a dog that absolutely wants to get rid of it is socially flawed. It should start when animals are very young, and there are different species: the same kind, but also humans, cats, etc. a dog with insufficient socialization is more likely to show aggression to other dogs.

is like low socialization, Poor education can also lead to confrontation. “Competition between two same-sex peers of


can also lead to conflict, and so can the protective instinct: in this case, the dog may think that another animal poses a danger to the owner, for example, its attitude, This makes him very aggressive against this potential aggression. Other reasons include feeling that another dog is invading their territory out of fear.

can prevent conflict by identifying situations that may lead to tension between dogs and better understanding your dog.

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. When you approach another dog, observe your attitude and try to find out the early signs of confrontation: it starts to roar, stare at the other dog, and suddenly starts to walk slowly in its direction, as if to jump on it, or vice versa, It accelerates… And observes the dog’s behavior. If there are these signs, it’s best to change direction. If your dog is tied to a belt, or if it’s free, recall and tie it immediately. Of course, another owner must do the same thing to his dog.

how to separate the two dogs in the fierce battle

. If this is not enough to avoid the battle, the two dogs are already attacking each other. It is very important to keep calm. If you panic and start yelling, you will only aggravate your tension.


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should have a firm tone, louder than usual, but don’t yell. If you need to intervene, grab your dog’s hind legs. The other owner must do the same. In this way, the dog cannot find the support needed to continue the fight. This also reduces the risk of being accidentally bitten by your own dog during intervention, which may occur in action. If the fight takes place at home and there is a water pipe, separate the two dogs with a sprinkler. After the

battle, calm down your dog and check itGet him. If your dog is good, take a quiet walk to give it a positive feeling. If he gets hurt, take him to the vet.

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