Abandoned, this dog had a cord encrusted in the neck. A rescue that changed his life

Paws on Curacao

Boef suffered martyrdom because of a very tight rope he had around his neck. A stray dog, his case had attracted the attention of volunteers who ran to his aid. The care and attention they gave him totally transformed him. The best is yet to come for him.

The story of Boef the dog is told by Bored Panda , which takes up the story of the Caribbean association Paws on Curacao . It is also from the latter’s YouTube account that the video below comes from, showing the animal’s rescue.

In Curaçao, an island in the Lesser Antilles close to the Venezuelan coast, the Feed Friends foundation had learned that this very bad dog was wandering the streets. He had a piece of rope deep in the skin of his neck . The object was causing him excruciating pain , but he obviously couldn’t get rid of it on his own.

The Paws on Curacao team joined in efforts to find the animal, which had left the place where it had been seen. A few days later, the volunteers managed to locate it and then retrieve it . Seeing how healthy he was, some of them couldn’t hold back their tears . The injury from the rope was horrible . Unfortunately, this is a common problem on the island of Curaçao; many dogs are tied up with ropes or chains instead of proper collars , their owners unaware of the discomfort and injury they can cause.

The shackle that Boef wore was delicately removed and his wounds treated . In barely 2 days, the dog had regained his zest for life . He was entrusted to a foster family , where he is learning again to lead a normal life , without pain or wandering. He spends his time with other dogs as his skin gradually heals. While waiting for the next step: final adoption .

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