The barking of a dog

Illustration : "L'aboiement du chien"

barking is the main expression of dogs. Understanding them is very important to better manage dogs’ daily life.

abstract what is the origin of

dog barking? What does the dog want to express when barking? How do I decipher these barks?

everyone has his own way of expression. Dogs often bark. What is the origin of dog barking?

dogs bark, while wolves, their immediate descendants, often scream. Although some of our friends sometimes scream under certain circumstances (hear an unknown voice, face a singer, etc.). In fact, many experts believe that it is the domestication of dogs that has prompted them to gradually turn from howling to barking, which has long been used to warn humans of potential dangers in the common history of humans and dogs What does the dog want to express when barking?

barking reflects the various feelings and situations our dog friends face every day. This is the main expression of dogs.

barking is usually a way for dogs to show their existence to their peers. Although dogs have been domesticated, this social behavior of group life still exists and expresses itself.

Barking also allows dogs to respond to what they think is a threat. In the face of an invasion attempt, an individual approaching their territory or an aggressive presence, they begin to bark and show the intruder or opponent that they are ready to respond or counterattack. In a sense, this is an attempt to impress the other person before making a practical response (usually a bite). Kdspe receives suggestions from woopets through a registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more

dogs can also bark in fear, stress or anxiety. They do the same, trying to make people around them understand what they need: eat, go out to meet their needs, etc.

finally, barking can express positive emotions, For example, the owner’s strong happiness after returning home, or the excitement in the game. How does

decrypt these barks?

also needs to decrypt these barks in order to take corresponding action. To do this, there are some characteristics that can be used to distinguish between happy barks and barks that express fear or warn of danger.

of these criteria, three criteria are usually very obvious: tone, duration and frequency.

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when a dog’s bark tends to be high rather than low, it reflects a feeling of excitement and happiness. Otherwise, they are barks of fear or threat. If a dog starts barking for a long time, it is because it is waiting for its master’s things. He may be hungry or want to go out and relax. When barking is continuous and repetitive, it means that the animal wants to warn of danger, emergency or express stress. By learning to distinguish different types of barks and identify the factors that trigger them, you can make the right response. When they are inconvenient, you can successfully stop them

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