3 restaurateurs from Dunkirk are mobilizing for a Malinois Shepherd found hungry and in great danger!

When she was taken in by the Dunkirk SPA, Kaïna was skeletal. 3 weeks later, the bitch is doing much better. Local restaurateurs have decided to come to her aid and support the refuge where she is.

On January 8, the Dunkirk SPA (59) posted shocking images and information on Facebook about Kaïna , a 3-year-old Belgian Shepherd Malinois dog rescued by the association . The photos show an extremely thin animal, because it is totally undernourished .

Kaïna was given via a classified ad. When you donate your animal, this is what you expose yourself to ”, we can read in this publication. In addition, a complaint was in progress.

Twenty days later, the news is more reassuring . Kaïna is gradually getting back into shape and gaining weight thanks to the volunteers who take care of her.

More than 400 euros and bags of kibble obtained thanks to the mobilization of restaurateurs

In addition, touched by her fate, 3 restaurant owners from Dunkirk had the idea of organizing a meal sale for the benefit of the local SPA where the dog continues to go up the slope. An initiative that raised more than 400 euros , as well as a large quantity of croquettes , as reported by France 3 Hauts-de-France .

Help greeted with joy and relief by Michel Vanwaefelghe , president of the association. The latter, which welcomes and takes care of 150 animals , has encountered significant difficulties for nearly a year because of the Covid-19 pandemic . Faced with the impossibility of organizing public events , the host structure is thus deprived of vital financial support .

Kaïna can be adopted in a few weeks

At the moment, the dog is not yet ready to join her new family. She will have to stay a few more weeks at the Dunkirk SPA before she can be proposed for adoption .

Here is the report from France 3 Hauts-de-France :

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