Labrador alerts police, saves master from hypothermia after fall into stream

Thanks to a female Labrador named Samantha, her visually impaired master was barely rescued, as her body temperature reached a dangerously low level. The dog guided the police to the stream where he had fallen.

Samantha can be proud of herself . By attracting the attention of the police , it allowed them to rescue its owner , whose life was in danger , reports Bangor Daily News .

The facts took place on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 5. Shortly before 5 p.m. local time, a resident of Limington , in the state of Maine (northeastern United States), heard screams coming from the woods , near her home. She immediately called the local sheriff’s office in York County .

When the sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, they were surprised to be greeted by Samantha . The dog , a 3 year old sable Labrador Retriever , was very restless and barked constantly. She was trying to guide them somewhere. Sergeant Steve Thistlewood decided to follow her . This is how she led him to his master , who was in great distress .

Visually impaired , the 84-year-old was in the very cold waters of a stream . His pleas for help had stopped because he was totally exhausted . Most of all, he was severely hypothermic . His body temperature at that time had dropped to 29 ° C. A little more and he probably would have had a cardiac arrest . The octogenarian was taken care of just in time . He was saved thanks to his dog.

According to her son, Samantha’s master got lost in the woods trying to catch up with her , because she had ventured too far from him. Due to his visual impairment, he had ended up in the creek and could not get out.

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