Stuck on the first floor in the fire of his house, a dog comes out safe and sound thanks to the firefighters

The firefighters had to resort to great means to rescue a dog which had found itself stranded on the first floor of a house engulfed in flames. The quadruped escaped unharmed and was returned to his family.

When firefighters intervene, their priority is to save all occupants , without exception. Including the animals there. All lives are precious and deserve that all means be implemented to preserve them.

Firefighters in the Hunter Valley , an area in New South Wales (south-eastern Australia), were no exception to the rule when called upon to control a fire in a house in this beginning of the week.

A fire broke out at the home in question in East Maitland at around 5 a.m. local time. When the firefighters arrived, the flames had already invaded the floor of the house, as reported by ABC .

The latter had, in fact, found himself trapped on the balcony upstairs . The firefighters could only reach it from the outside, the inside being condemned by the flames.

They then deployed their large pivoting nacelle ladder, which allowed one of them to approach the animal and retrieve it safely .

The dog was then returned to his owners, relieved and grateful . He did not suffer from any injuries .

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An investigation has been opened to determine the causes of the incident. Firefighters and authorities have asked residents to check their fire detection systems.


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