16 cute photos of dogs opening their ears wide

If our friends the dogs sometimes have such big ears, it is only to add to their capital of seduction. These photos show it to us.

The sense of hearing is highly developed in our dog friends. It is 6 times greater than that of humans. If it does not depend on the size, the fact remains that some of our canine companions have much larger ears than others. However, it is important to know that a dog that does not have erect ears is an animal that is more prone to infections and ear infections and requires more hygiene.

Here are 16 photos of dogs with big ears that make them even crisper.

1. This Basset Hound’s vet thinks he has the longest ears he’s ever seen

2. With his ears, this dog looks like Yoda

3. German Shepherds have always had straight ears

4. A dog who is all ears to hear all the compliments that his owner wants to pay him

5. An adorable Dachshund who continues to hear everything, even when sleeping, thanks to his trick of sleeping on his back

6. A bitch who seems very curious to know what is going on around her

7. This dog begins by seeing if the conversation interests him by pricking up an ear.

8. Then he draws the 2nd when he understands that it is his kibble and other treats he loves

9. Having long ears can be handy for lowering the sound by lowering them.

10. This puppy is sure to have heard of him

11. This Dachshund always leaves an ear hanging out so as not to miss any discussion

12. This puppy has such long ears that they almost touch the ground

13. This adorable French Bulldog has style to spare

14. And one of the crispiest boils

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15. An adorable little fur ball with big erect ears

16. A Continental Miniature Spaniel that hears even the faintest whispers


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