Nepal honors dogs on Kukur Tihar

Like every year, Nepal celebrated the dogs. The latter are honored during Kukur Tihar, the day of the dogs. A ceremony that is part of a larger festival. The objective is to show the doggies all respect for man, and to send a message to the god of death, of which they are the messengers.

It is called the Tihar festival. It is also known as Diwali. It took place, like every year, in Kathmandu , Nepal . From October 25 to 27, this festival of lights highlighted the dogs. This festive moment offers the opportunity to venerate them .

A more special honor this Sunday, October 27, during the Kukur Tihar , the day of the dogs. These are blessed by the Nepalese. They are perfectly fed with chicken, sweets, vegetables …. They receive garlands of flowers, which are called Malla . This is a sign of respect for these animals. They also receive a red mark on the forehead, which is called Tika . It is a symbolic act, but also a sign of blessing .

Thank the dogs for what they bring, and ask for appeasement from the god of death

Why is such a day dedicated to them? Because dogs, according to the Hindu tradition , are the messengers of Yama , the god of death. In fact, through these ceremonies for a weekend, the Nepalese require appeasement , and thank life , which they perceive as a gift. It is also a time when we can give dogs all that they bring good to humans .

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Never have canines been so sacred as on October 27th. And it will start again next year, like all respectable traditions.


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