Advantages and disadvantages of raw material feeding

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are for or against the diet of dogs? You will have as many supporters and critics to feed her pet in this way because she has advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of raw food? Let’s look at these aspects to help you form your own opinion on this problem and decide whether to choose this raw meat diet. The promise of raw feed to dogs is a natural diet, healthy skin and hair, better digestion, more energy and vitality, healthier teeth. What is the difficulty of raw feed to obtain high-quality meat, lack and excessive risk of bone hazards “KDSPS “The original feed includes rebuilding the prey that dogs hunt themselves. Therefore, food is mainly meat products: bones and raw meat, internal organs. Crushed vegetables and fruits are not systematic, such as using the barf method, but the residue on the table is tolerable, and it is even recommended to imitate omnivorous prey. The original feed for dogs designed by Australian veterinarian Tom Lonsdale has many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages. The promise of

dog’s original feed is a natural

. If there is one thing you can never recover from the original feed, This is a natural feature of this diet. It leaves no room for synthetic additives, such as flavor enhancers, artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives. It consists only of bones, meat and internal organs, and supplements are only occasional.

healthy skin and hair.

intake of protein, vitamins and minerals ensures the health of dog hair and skin. This promises a shiny skirt and reduces skin problems.

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raw meat is characterized by better digestibility in dogs than cooked.

more energy and vitality

due to the large intake of animal protein, dogs should have more energy.

Healthier teeth

bones and raw meat provide a large part, encouraging dogs to chew longer, which helps clean teeth and gums. This process first helps to prevent the deposition of tartar leading to periodontal disease.

is a raw material accused of difficult access to high-quality meat

. Meat, bones and viscera must be fresh and high-quality. Otherwise, not only will the benefits of raw feed no longer apply, but the food fed to dogs will also expose dogs to serious poisoning and disease risks.


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and “risk of lack and over feeding” It is not easy to adjust the number according to the actual needs of dogs. Therefore, some people believe that not giving their partners plant food often will deprive them of the nutrients they need. Just as too much bone can lead to excessive minerals, the danger of


must be careful when dogs eat, especially in dogsSome bones are dangerous. Sharp may cause perforation and suffocation.

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