Emergency surgery for a Labrador impaled on a 40-centimeter branch

Terrible accidents can happen without warning. In Burton-on-Trent, a town in England, a woman was horrified to find a piece of wood embedded in her dog’s chest.

Molly was having fun chasing a bullet when the accident happened. Her owner, Amy Gaunt , heard her howls of pain. When she rushed out, she found her 17-month-old Labrador seriously injured: the animal’s chest was pierced by a stick.

Distraught, Amy Gaunt immediately transported the victim to a veterinary clinic in nearby Stapenhill. Molly’s life hung by a thread.

© Amy Gaunt

The surgery lasted 2 hours

A scanner revealed that the object sank 40 centimeters deep. Fortunately, he missed all the major organs. A 2 hour surgical operation was required to remove it.

© Amy Gaunt

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© Amy Gaunt

After this terrible mishap, Molly is slowly recovering. She even starts playing in the garden again. Amy Gaunt and her companion are relieved at the happy ending of this story and to see that this event is nothing more than a bad and distant memory for their Labrador.


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