This big-hearted vet treats homeless animals for free

In California, Stewart Kwane roams the streets with his vet’s bag in hand to help homeless people with pets. He treats them free of charge and provides them with what they need in medicine and food.

The most populous state in the United States with nearly 40 million inhabitants, California has a large number of homeless people : more than 150,000. Among these, a good number have at least one dog , a cat or a another pet to help him cope with this extremely difficult daily life. These are the people that 49-year-old veterinarian Stewart Kwane has been helping since 2011, as reported by Bored Panda .

He regularly walks the streets of California with all his medical supplies , and as soon as he spots a homeless man or woman with an animal, he stops to examine and treat him . And he does it on a voluntary basis . He even pays for medicine and food out of his own pocket.

The one who calls himself The Street Vet on his YouTube channel and Facebook page often posts videos of his tours. The goal is to encourage his veterinary colleagues to do like him ; devote a little of their time to those who need it and who do not have the means to provide the necessary care for their companions.

Infections , parasites , dental care , allergiesStewart Kwane takes care of everything that can be treated on site. But for heavier and more expensive procedures , such as surgery, he opened an online fundraiser on the GoFundMe platform in order to collect as many donations as possible .

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