Teach his dog to step back

Illustration : "Apprendre à son chien à reculer"

teach its dog to retreat, which can help you better manage it if it is aggressive and enhance your understanding.


learn to retreat: what is its use for dogs? Method 1: barrier free method 2:

corridor dogs like to learn new things and please their owners. Walking backwards is an interesting, interesting and simple teaching exercise. In addition, it may be useful in many ways. How does this work…

learn to step back: what is it good for dogs?

any form of learning is conducive to the dog and its relationship with its owner. No matter what exercise you teach your dog to do, once you learn it, it will make it easier for you to switch to another one. Each training will make the dog easier to accept and integrate into other animals.

in addition, most training dog sports will use its mental and physical abilities, which greatly improves their abilities.

, of course, These educational courses strengthen the connection and collusion between dogs and their owners, which has a positive impact on their daily communication.

this is useful for at least two reasons when teaching dogs to walk backward.

First, if it’s a little too intrusive, this turn can guide and control it. At this level, it is usually much more effective than simply “sitting” or “lying down.”


“the second is a test of obedience, agility or dog movement. Different exercises or running steps require the dog to take a few steps back.

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. Finally, in some cases, retreating may be a rescue action, especially when the dog enters a narrow space and has no choice but to step back and leave. This is a misfortune that Neanderthals may experience. Neanderthals tend to “spy” on the most inaccessible corners and chase small animals.

method 1: barrier free

in your living room or garden, Stand in front of your dog with candy. Put it on your nose, then stick it on your nose, move forward slowly, and repeat the order of “back” or “back”. This will force him to stand back. In this way, let him step back 3 to 4 steps, then congratulate him and give him candy.

starts with him touching his nose less and less, and then, in the next training, increase the distance between you and your dog. Guide him with candy in his hand.


remember to congratulate and reward him every time. This exercise is taken for granted when your dog moves backward after hearing your command.

method 2: corridor

sets up a narrow corridor by placing a board parallel to the sofa.

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put your dog at the entrance of the corridor with its head facing you and its back in the corridor. Hold a candy in your hand, stretch it out, push it forward, let it walk backward in this narrow space, and give it the command of “back” or “back”. Kdspe “

“As soon as he finished, congratulate him and give him candy as a reward.”

gradually eliminate obstacles in the next course of treatment.

no matter what method you choose, be patient with your dog. His wisdom, reward and work will eventually pay off. “

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