When it comes to washroom time, this dog can’t help but worry about his friends!

Habs the dog’s attitude to the washing machine is as hilarious as it is moving, and for good reason; inside is his best friend …

Just like children, dogs can become attached to particular objects that become their soft toys . It goes from the tennis ball to the simple cloth, passing, of course, by the fluff.

Habs has chosen a teddy bear , an adorable Cocker- type dog who cannot really do without it under any circumstances.

Originally, the object belonged to his mistress, Jacqueline Estey , but the quadruped had ended up appropriating it shortly after being adopted by her 3 years ago.

Since that day, Habs has not parted with his big white teddy bear. He takes it wherever he goes and if it’s his mom who takes him, the dog follows her until she finally returns it to him.

But after a while, the teddy bear had to be washed well . Recently, therefore, Jacqueline Estey had to separate Habs from her friend to put him in the washing machine. Obviously, for the dog, it was anguish . Upon entering the laundry room, the owner of the canine witnessed a surprising spectacle ; the Habs dog was sitting in front of the washing machine , watching his teddy bear manhandled in the drum and impatiently awaiting his release

The Cocker Spaniel held the same posture throughout the cycle and did the same during drying .

Then Habs and his clean teddy bear were finally reunited

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Later that evening, shortly after falling asleep, Habs appeared to be having a nightmare . He immediately woke up and ran to the laundry room, frantically searching for his buddy , but the washer and dryer were empty. Jacqueline Estey walked him back to his basket to show him that the teddy bear had not moved … A scene that was also filmed by his mistress (click here to see the video posted on his Twitter account) .

Delighted to find him, Habs peacefully fell asleep .


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