14 animals ready to do anything to make the people they love happy regardless of their origins

Dogs are among the most generous creatures. No one can doubt it and these photos are proof of it.

The love and loyalty of dogs make their reputation. These are really well-founded traits. In addition, the empathy of our dog friends is also very pronounced in them, which makes them very good companions.

Here are 14 photos that illustrate the generosity of dogs.

1. Every morning, this dog comes to say hello and give him courage for the day

2. This child has a brain disease. He meets his assistance dog and new friend who inspires him a lot of serenity

3. This sweet Golden Retriever bitch dispenses her tenderness to orphaned kittens

4. This dog also thinks of preserving his planet and collects the garbage he meets

5. He falls asleep but makes the effort to get up to accompany his mistress to the bathroom and not leave her alone

6. There is something touching about cats too. Here they are who respect each other by queuing behind the bowl

7. All activities are good for this dog, as long as he is with his favorite person.

8. This dog’s anxiety does not calm down until he has seen his master again.

9. The bitch generously breastfeeds this orphan cat

10. These dogs were walking down the street when they met this girl with Down’s syndrome. They stopped to hang out with her.

11. His neighbor’s dogs think of greeting him daily and offering him a warm welcome.

12. Cats also worry about the well-being of their master

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13. The sound of the storm frightens the cat, so his friend the dog takes care of reassuring him

14. Partners, in good as in crime


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