Neighborhood camera films heroic rescue of dog trapped in icy lake waters

In Ohio, police and firefighters responded to rescue a dog trapped in the frozen waters of a pond. After spending several minutes in the ice, the animal was returned safely to dry land.

On Monday, December 28, a dog accompanied its owners on a walk at Veterans Park in Avon , Ohio. The Golden Retriever then had the bad idea to venture onto the thin layer of ice covering a pond . Arrived at 5 meters from the edge, the canine found itself in an awkward position ; the ice was breaking under his paws and he could not get back to shore.

His owners could do nothing for him. Fortunately, help was notified and quickly arrived at the scene, as reported by The Chronicle Telegram .

The police were the first to intervene. One of them was about to take off his shoes to try to save the dog, but he didn’t have to. The firefighters have, in fact, joined them shortly after. 2 of them put on a thermal suit and walked over to the quadruped, who had been in icy water for a good 10 minutes.

They retrieved him and wrapped him in blankets, before boarding him in their truck to warm him up .

His family was then able to take him home , where he recovered from his mishap.

According to David Swope , deputy chief of the Avon fire brigade, his men have to save an animal caught in the ice at least once a year . They are also trained and equipped for this type of operation.

The rescue scene was captured by one of the park’s surveillance cameras . Here is the video :

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