Firefighters to the rescue of a puppy that has its head stuck in a lawn chair (video)

It sometimes happens that our faithful 4-legged companions find themselves in complicated situations. On Wednesday June 2, a puppy had an unpleasant experience. While playing in the garden, he stuck his head in a steel chair.

The 5 week old Samoyed boy was having fun in the yard when the accident happened. The fiery little animal stuck its head through the hole of an overturned chair. But he was unable to extract it afterwards, reports Daily Mail .

His family, surprised to find him in this state, tried to extricate him from his trap on their own. Alas, the operation failed. The owners then called for backup.

© Glenn Usdin

A rescue operation that lasted a few minutes

To free the dog, the team had to cut off part of the object of its miseries. 5 minutes later, he was free, to the delight of his family.

© Glenn Usdin

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© Glenn Usdin


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