16 dogs guilty of big nonsense, but who will escape punishment thanks to their adorable face

Our dog friends can’t help but mess things up. These photos show that they can always get by thanks to their adorable boils.

Our canine companions have a reputation for being irresistible creatures. This is proven every time they do something stupid, which often happens. So their owners must be strong and resist in order to call them to order. But that almost always turns out to be a failure because they put on a much too cute face.

Here are 16 photos of dogs guilty of stupidity but too cute to be punished.

1. After having breakfast, he ate what was inside this plastic wrapper which he then concealed by trying to blame his sister for it.

2. This bitch has a habit of asking her mistress for help when she can’t get her ball out from under the sofa. One day she started doing this every time she threw the ball at him, demonstrating that she was just being lazy.

3. This Pug decided to bark at the neighbors as they got their groceries out of their car.

4. This puppy was seen in CCTV footage burying the body of this stuffed bird he claims he never touched

5. This dog destroys his toys and then comes to claim new ones

6. After emptying the contents of a soft toy, the dog pretends that he saw nothing, that the soft toy exploded and that the baby had something to do with it.

7. One fine day, this German Shepherd Dog decided to turn the house upside down. After defecating on the owner’s bed, the latter ran to put the sheets in the machine. She realizes then that she has also put her phone in the drum. While the woman was putting it in a bag filled with rice, the dog went to rest again on the bed which has not even been redone yet.

8. This dog is guilty of stealing the last peanut butter cookie and running away as soon as he was seen. Here he is, who claims to have never failed in his mission as a good boy

9. This Australian Shepherd dog is guilty of using her owner’s drink for her pedicure.

10. He threw himself into the river and bathed there. He is currently in the shower because he needs to be washed

11. This is the look of a Husky who discovered his owner was also doing nonsense by pretending to throw the stick.

12. This Griffon Bruxellois reveled in his victory by promising to get back on track as soon as his owners let their guard down

13. This is how this dog hopes to be forgiven after digging a passage under the garden fence and escaping into the neighborhood.

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14. The innocence proclaimed by this dog who claims to have confused his toys and rolls of toilet paper

15. Her face when her owners asked her why she touched the chips on the table

16. An American Bulldog who awaits his sanction with dignity


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