The cost of feeding the dog

Illustration : "Le coût de l'alimentation pour un chien"

you decide to adopt a dog, but you still have some problems, such as the cost of food. We will try to evaluate the cost of a dog for one year.


what does your dog eat? Advantages and disadvantages of industrial food advantages and disadvantages of family rations how much does your dog cost? What does your dog eat? Most importantly, let’s remember that dogs are carnivores. A carnivore does not mean that it only needs to eat meat, but that animal protein is most of its food. However, with the development of pet lifestyles, dogs tend to become opportunistic omnivores, using their owners’ remains (meat or plants).


feed dogs in several ways:

industrial food, These include traditional crackers, as well as fresh pies or sachets. Household ration, prepared by yourself, consists of starch, vegetables and meat… A mixture of two modes: Industrial and homemade.

industrial ration has the same advantages and disadvantages as family ration, but which one? Advantages and disadvantages of

industrial feed

industrial feed is very much in the pet market, so it is difficult to make a choice. Price is usually a guarantee of quality.


industrial food are developed to meet the needs of your dog when needed; We provide food for growing dogs, adults, adults, aseptic and the elderly…

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, which is also a trend for pets, but be careful not to do anything. 1 / 3 meat, 1 / 3 starch and 1 / 3 vegetable diet are not so good and a little complicated. In addition to adding minerals and vitamins, you must also consider how to balance your dog’s diet. Tell your veterinarian that he will help you calculate a diet suitable for your dog’s age and size.

you must also realize that it takes time and money to prepare food for your dog every day.

Consider the amount of food you need to spend time preparing. If this is relatively easy for a puppy, think twice before feeding a 15kg dog (about 200g meat, 200g rice, 500g zucchini + mineral supplements and oil).

how much does your dog cost?

even a very high-end croquet is still the best cost performance. The average cost ranges from 250 euros for 5kg dogs to 900 euros for 30kg dogs, but if your dog follows special eating habits, the average cost may rise quickly (for example, due to illness), the price of a dog weighing about 30 kg is as high as 1500 euros. “Fresh boxes and bags are the most expensive food, but because of their appetite, they are often the dog’s favorite food.euro. For these foods, if the diet is specific to specific diseases, the cost will also increase.


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family diet is a compromise between snacks and cans, at least in terms of cost. The budget for a puppy is about 300 euros and that for a big dog is about 1800 euros. It also depends on the quality of the raw materials you choose (organic agriculture, rational…)


family rations and industrial food, which is a difficult choice. If you decide to have both, be careful not to overfeed your dog to prevent it from gaining weight. The cost and quantity of


are for reference only. It is strongly recommended that you consult your veterinarian to establish a balanced diet.

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