Appropriate dog food for a happy dog life

Many dog owners are still unaware of the importance of a species-appropriate diet for the health and well-being of their dog.

As a result, more and more animals are suffering from nutrition-related health issues, such as food allergies and digestive issues. Anyone who wants to avoid these problems will find everything they need in the Bellfor dog food range, from food and snacks to dietary supplements.

Why wheat hurts dogs

Although many dog owners are not aware of it, wheat has long been one of the most used ingredients in dog food .

The main advantage for manufacturers is that it saves them money. Because of course, wheat is much cheaper than meat.

For dogs, however, a food high in grain sooner or later has fatal consequences. Because larger amounts of starchy carbohydrates virtually inevitably lead to massive digestive issues.

In addition, wheat greatly increases the risk of food allergies and intolerances. If you want to feed your dog according to his needs, then you should use grain free dog food whenever possible.

Dogs need animal protein

The digestion of dogs is primarily designed for the use of animal fats and proteins. As semi-carnivores, therefore, they need a food that contains a high proportion of animal components.

Plant components, on the other hand, should have a significantly lower proportion to avoid unnecessary digestion problems.

Bellfor Appropriate Dog Food

For more than 30 years, dog food maker Bellfor has been synonymous with species-appropriate, top-quality dog food like virtually no other company.

The products of the assortment of the family business managed by its owner are developed in collaboration with veterinarians and are characterized by excellent digestibility .

Bellfor Wet and Dry Foods are made exclusively from high quality natural ingredients and provide dogs with exactly the nutrients they really need.

Food supplements for specific needs

In some situations, dogs may need additional nutrients. If this is the case, dog owners can choose from a range of high quality dietary supplements in the Bellfor range.

These are, for example, preparations for dogs with joint problems or for animals suffering from tartar , hair loss or digestive problems . As with dog food, Bellfor relies exclusively on natural ingredients to ensure that dietary supplements are easily digestible.

Products for dogs sensitive to nutrition

Many dogs suffer from food allergies and therefore need special diets. Unlike other manufacturers, Bellfor does not use hydrolyzed protein for this purpose, but insect protein .

This has the advantage that the protein contained in the food is particularly easy to digest and has a very high biological value. In addition, compared to conventional farm animals, the resources used for rearing insects are significantly less.

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Insect-based dog foods are therefore not only a good choice for allergic dogs, but also make a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment.

In the Bellfor online store, quality-conscious dog owners can view the manufacturer’s range and order products directly.

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