My dog is aggressive. What should I do?

Illustration : "Mon chien est envahissant, que faire ?"

some dog behavior problems may be very difficult to deal with, but not all problems are impossible to solve. For example, over invasive animals may need effective adjustment. But to do this, the owner must know how to keep calm, firm and determined to achieve satisfactory results.


invading dogs: when you are used to contacting dogs, don’t cheat, wait for him to calm down and reward him with

, As we all know, they like to be taken care of, cared for and loved. However, like some children, dogs are sometimes overly demanding. They make every effort to become the focus of the owner. In short, these dogs are becoming more and more aggressive. The behavior problem of


depends to some extent on the dog’s character, but its education is also largely related to it. However, this can be corrected. Here are some tips that you can do when you face this problem.

invading dog: it will not mislead the signs of

invading dog. It is an animal that always tries to focus the attention of people around it and make the owner respond. He has only one obsession: always be by his side and let him take care of him forever. Therefore, the invading dogs are “glue cans” and capricious.

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in daily life. For example, when the host speaks on the phone, it will lead to constant barking. If the dog is in another room, he can also start barking and scraping the door to show that he wants to join. He follows him everywhere, and when he sits with his spouse, he will come to pray for them. It occupies a strategic position (sofa, bed, etc.) without leaving any breathing space for the owner.

in short, the invading dog must always be at the center of all attention.

waits for him to calm down and rewards

to correct this bad behavior, First, you must determine the nature of the signal you send to the dog. If he talks to him systematically every time he barks and tries to calm him down, the animal may think it is an encouragement. In fact, he finally realized that he had the opportunity to let his master react at will. So it’s a question of trying to reverse this situation, ignoring it, then rewarding it, when it does what it wants.


also read: in practice, when you start barking during a phone conversation, you don’t do anything. We turned our backs to him and didn’t even look at him. After the conversation, we wait for him to calm down, wait a little longer (the immediate response is to encourage him to bark), and then let him sit down or sleep. Once he is executed, he will be rewarded.

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