Touched by the care of his master by the paramedics, this dog decides to invite himself on the trip to stay with him until the end!

The loyalty and attachment of dogs to their owners is expressed in various ways, each more touching than the next. In Brazil, a motorist witnessed one of these manifestations of canine loyalty.

At the end of August, Anderson Bahi was driving in Uruguaiana , a town in the south of the country, when he saw an ambulance on the other side of the road. Rescuers were picking up a man who had fainted and had just collapsed on the sidewalk while walking his dog , as reported by The Dodo .

They put the patient in the vehicle, but as soon as they closed the doors, his dog jumped onto the back pedestal of the ambulance. Fortunately, they noticed this and put her on board , too, to allow her to stay with her master during the journey.

When they arrived at the hospital , the man was taken to the emergency room, but his four-legged friend had to wait outside for him . Maria Lucia Muniz , a volunteer who lives not far from the establishment and who was informed, offered to keep the dog while its owner was hospitalized, but this was not ultimately necessary.

The man only stayed 45 minutes in the hospital. His family came soon after to find the brave animal and his master .

The love that this bitch has for her owner is something really special, ” concluded Anderson Bahi , who shared the video and photos of the scene on Facebook.

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