New arrival of the family, this kitten tries by all means to be accepted by a Rottweiler

A kitten enters the life of a dog and makes a place for itself in its heart.

The Stepsven YouTube channel documents a very touching story, that of the friendship between a street kitten and a Rottweiler , as reported by Animal Channel .

Their owner was at work when he heard meowing . He went to the origin of these and met the one who would become Akula . He decides to adopt her but worries about the reaction of his dog Choko .

Animal reactions are never predictable. When a newcomer is introduced to an animal that is already installed in the house, it can reject it as it can accept it. the home can therefore be transformed into a field of war, or into a recess.

The best way to find out what it will be like is to go out there and experience it.

Akula was therefore introduced to Choko who did not appreciate him . But the kitten was not cold in the eyes. Although the dog did not want to know anything, he continued to meet him. Until eventually winning his friendship .

Akula approaches him and wants to play with him. And the mastiff disposes. Because it is Akula who, despite his small size , dictates his rules.

When she wants to play , the duo play. And when she no longer wants , she leaves.

Their master’s Stepven YouTube channel illustrates their friendship with very engaging videos . We can see the relationship between the kitten and its big brother evolving . Following them is a real treat.

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