Teach his dog to stay alone

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effects of attachment and separation on dogs when to teach him to be alone? Most importantly, what shouldn’t you do? How can you teach him to stay alone? Will your dog cry when you leave it at home alone? He wandered behind the toilet door while you were there? Your dog follows you everywhere, otherwise it can’t stand seeing you in different rooms. He even destroyed your things. This is unbearable.

attachment and detachment

when a puppy is taken away from his brothers and sisters, it is a real destruction for him. This is even a real trauma, often magnified by the established idea of leaving the dog alone from the first night. I can even say that most owners don’t know how necessary this kind of learning is.

in fact, dogs can learn nothing except obedience. Like any trauma, it can develop with age. That’s why a two month old puppy stays alone for the first few days at home and may scream and cause injury after a few months. This is normal, because he will not really learn to be alone.

in a group of dogs, lonely learning does not happen overnight, but very gradually. If this group has a choice, the dog may take months to leave. This explains why many dogs live badly in solitude. In short, it is difficult for a dog to learn to be alone, because it will not stay alone, especially not overnight.

impact on dogs

in fact, the loneliness of a dog is a kind of pressure. If you don’t teach it, it may be a pleasant experience. Stress can manifest itself in different ways, depending on the dog’s history and environment. However, there are signs that your dog can’t be alone. On the other hand, your dog may be so stressed by


that it screams or barks when you leave, and sometimes even when you are away. Neighbors will soon complain that


will destroy your things, such as shoes, TV remote control or sofa;

it can meet its own needs anywhere in the home. Sometimes it will have diarrhea, but usually it is clean.

it can seek comfort by eating what it can get to avoid poisoning or intestinal obstruction. Both can be fatal to dogs.


kill themselves by licking wounds. Dogs lick themselves for no reason, usually on their legs, hips or tail.

like humans, chronic stress is harmful to health. This should therefore be taken into account as soon as possible. The longer you learn from solitude, the more difficult it will be for you and your dog.

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is to learn to be lonely as soon as possible. But in many cases, when the dog comes home, he has never been alone. Let us not forget that so far, he is still surrounded by his brothers, sisters and mother. Therefore, before learning, he must be able to feel at ease and comfortable in the new environment. This may take a few days. Once your puppy feels more comfortable at home, learning will come.

some puppies are very happy from the first day. You can’t be distracted by this attitude. Your dog can surviveDon’t show pressure. Therefore, you must be patient.

this is the

that should not be done. When the dog can’t stay at home alone and cause harm (damaging objects, unclean, barking, screaming), the owner will usually be very angry when he comes home and finds out what the dog has done. Misunderstood, the dog was punished. This should never be done. In fact, your dog doesn’t know why to be punished. His “guilty” expression is just a signal to comfort you, because he connects your arrival with punishment. He may even associate something / dirt on the floor with an angry owner.

your dog sees punishment differently from you. So this will not only bring pressure to your departure, but also bring pressure to your return. This will eventually lead him into mismanagement of loneliness. So he may cause more damage. How does

teach him to stay alone?

here are some steps to help your dog be alone. These steps can be set when the dog is a puppy or when the dog is an adult:

you can take it to the room on the first night. In short, if you don’t want him to stay there, you must move the basket to the exit bit by bit. You can put a plush toy and a kettle in his basket (so that he can feel a warm body around him).

fill his basket with candy and toys when you enter the house to activate his basket. The purpose is to let him take care of himself.

when you go to get mail or take out the garbage, give him something to take care of when you go out.

also reads: when you leave for a longer time, use

to educate his dog. In a cardboard box or shopping bag, put some cookies or candy, newspapers and toys, which are only available when you are away. The purpose is to let your dog search and find in this box. If he is busy, he won’t be under pressure. You must pick up this dustbin when you go home! The principle is that the dog has everything when the owner is away, so that he can be interested in it.

you can limit the dog’s space. Limiting space means that he doesn’t have access to all the rooms, so he won’t look for your smell and destroy your things.

finally, it’s important that you spend his dog before you leave and make sure he has everything. A dog stimulated in daily life will reduce stress and be easier to receive education.

depends on the dog, and this kind of learning takes more or less time. So you must be patient. You can help your dog, give him Bach’s flowers, or hire a pet nanny to take him out in your absence.

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