Abandoned in critical condition, a dog affected by mange and injured is transformed thanks to the care of veterinarians!

Between the state he was in when he was taken over and the current one, Bahubali has undergone an incredible transformation. We could even describe it as miraculous, as the chances of survival of this dog seemed low.

A stray dog , Bahubali could count on the kindness of a group of students who took care of him and gave him regular food . One day these young people were away, and then on their return they found that the quadruped they used to feed had disappeared .

Bahubali remained untraceable for a long time, until reappearing just as mysteriously as he had passed out in the wild, but in a state of health that had absolutely nothing to do with his when they were taking care of him. The students couldn’t believe it. The canine was extremely thin and had lost most of its hair to the scabies , Paw My Gosh said .

He also suffered from a broken leg , fever , anemia and kidney problems . The animal could barely move and its fate seemed sealed. However, he was taken to a veterinary clinic and taken care of by the Paws 4 Hope association .

The dog received a variety of treatments , including medicated baths for the scabies. She was also put in a cast and given adequate nutrition to help her regain strength and weight .

Little by little, his health improved and he began to reveal his happy personality . His hair was growing back as well.

Her transformation and healing is currently ongoing at the Paws 4 Hope Refuge. The next step will be to sterilize him and then, once fully recovered , he can be offered for adoption to begin his new life.

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