Manage the dog’s happy urination

Illustration : "Gérer le pipi de joie chez le chien"

called magpie is quite common, especially in puppies or particularly sensitive adult dogs. Although this behavior is not rare, it is harmless and must be taken seriously.


why do dogs urinate? How to deal with happy urination? Some specific examples can help you: when guests come, your dog will defecate. When you go home, your dog will defecate. When your dog is afraid, your dog will defecate. When it is very excited, in the game, such as

When you go home or scold your dog, does your dog tend to “forget himself”? Don’t you understand why he can’t restrain himself? The answers to all questions can be found here! Why does

dog urinate?

first of all, it must be clear that this behavior is completely unintentional behavior of dogs. He did so neither for revenge nor to attract the attention of his master. Just like we blush when we are embarrassed or flattered, a very sensitive dog can’t help dropping a few drops on the ground if it is in a subtle emotional state.

so, you know, happy urination is not a problem of cleanliness, But this is more a problem of emotional management, not just happiness. On the contrary, although these urinates do not reflect “happiness” in some cases, they can also be observed when dogs are extremely nervous and uncomfortable.

happy urination is an obvious symptom, which is usually invisible and difficult to identify. Therefore, these events, especially recurring events, cannot be taken lightly.

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletters. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about how to manage happy urination? First, you must ensure that your dog’s happy urination has nothing to do with medical problems. Therefore, please make an appointment with your veterinarian for analysis. As with medical problems, happy urination should not be confused with possible cleaning problems. Then make sure your dog is clean, and these urinates (which you think are “happy”) are noticed when they bring great emotion to your dog. If they are found regularly and randomly (nothing special), learn or re teach your dog the basics of cleaning. Observe your dog’s magpie triggers. Is it when the guests come to your house? When he meets his peers? When you get home? It is very important to identify the problem and then find a specific solution. Have a consistent attitude: don’t scold your dog for urinating. This will only put more pressure on him and may make the problem worse. On the contrary, when your dog does this, don’t touch it to comfort it. He may think this is a reward, which will only strengthen his behavior. Simply put, when your dog urinates, ignore it, let it return to a stable emotional state, put it outside or put it in the basket. Some specific examples can help you: when guests come, your dog will urinate happily.

mainly keeps your dog in place when guests come in. Under no circumstances should your dog come with you to welcome guests.

your dog is in your houseWe go home

and then redesign the “neutral” departure and home. Don’t pay attention to your dog when you leave, and don’t pay attention to your dog when you go home. When he calms down, then say hello and always take the initiative to contact. Also establish a detachment with your dog, because a small separation anxiety may be hidden below.


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your dog will defecate when afraid of

Therefore, find out the factors causing dog fear and suggest desensitization. I suggest you find a professional education and behavior expert so that you won’t make mistakes.

your dog will shit when he is very excited, such as in the

game Before your dog enters an uncontrollable emotional state, don’t let your dog get too excited and know how to stop the game

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