A dog stolen 6 months ago in a kennel, found after a police raid

Shelley Tomsett

A resident of the East of England has just found the 2nd of the 4 dogs that had been stolen from her 6 months ago. Rummy has lost a lot of weight since his disappearance, but he should recover. The police continue their investigation and continue to search for the other canids.”

Abducted last February, a Dachshund was found during a police raid in the Midlands (Central England) and returned to his mistress, reported the BBC on Wednesday 18 August.

The dog in question answers to the name of Rummy and is 5 years old. At the time of the robbery, he was not at the home of his landlord Shelley Tomsett, who lives in King’s Lynn in Norfolk County (East), but in a kennel in Swadlincote in Derbyshire (North). 7 other dogs staying there had also been stolen, including 4 belonging to Shelley Tomsett. All the kidnapped quadrupeds are hard-haired Dachshunds.”

Shelley Tomsett

Found thanks to a police raid on Tuesday

Alerted by Beauty’s Legacy, an organization dedicated to the search for missing animals, Leicestershire Police raided a property in Market Harborough, a town in the local county, on Tuesday, August 17. This is where law enforcement discovered and recovered Rummy.”

Shelley Tomsett

The latter is very thin, but happy to be back home, confided his mistress in the wake of their reunion. Shelley Tomsett now hopes to see again the 2 Dachshunds in her family who are still missing. I’m so glad [Rummy] is back. I just want to find the others now. Two of my daughters have disappeared.”

Shelley Tomsett

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Last May, we found another of her 4 dogs, a male called Rikki, in Basingstoke in Hampshire. The other stolen animals belong to the owners of the kennel. 2 of them had been recovered from the counties of Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.”

Police say they have not made any arrests so far, but are continuing to investigate.”

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