The mission of this brave Golden Retriever is to ensure the safety of swimmers

sono_ilcanebaloo / Mercury Press

While the bathers give themselves to heart joy, Baloo watches over the grain. This dog specially trained in rescue remains ready to intervene in case of emergency. His innate talents as a swimmer and the training he has followed make him a true guardian angel for holidaymakers.”

Baloo proudly wears his harness in flamboyant colors, visible hundreds of meters around. This 4-year-old Golden Retriever spends his summer days on the beach not to bask in the sun, but to ensure the safety of bathers, as L’Informateur recounts.”

sono_ilcanebaloo/Mercury Press

Originally from Rome, his master Simone Filesi is also the one who provided his training for a year. The 33-year-old taught him the ropes of the rescue dog trade by putting all his passion and love for his 4-legged friend. He didn’t have to scramble to teach her how to swim, as Golden Retrievers are naturally good at it. And to train him in rescue maneuvers, he resorted to positive reinforcement, betting on rewards in the form of treats and toys.”

sono_ilcanebaloo/Mercury Press

The duo is a member of the Associazione Cani Salvataggio, the Italian association of rescue dogs, as evidenced by the badge adorning their harness. The latter thus serves to signal the function of Baloo, but also and above all to save people at risk of drowning; it is equipped with handles to which they can cling, while the dog brings them back to land by swimming.”

sono_ilcanebaloo/Mercury Press

An effective rescuer and a formidable vector of awareness

Effective in intervention, the Golden Retriever is just as effective when it comes to preventing incidents and raising public awareness, especially the youngest. With Baloo at her side, Simone Filesi’s message to children and teenagers is getting better. They are more receptive to it. If I warn a young person that the sea is rough and that Baloo is with me, it totally changes the reception of this warning about the danger that the sea can represent, he explains in this regard.

sono_ilcanebaloo/Mercury Press

Baloo’s master describes him as playful and obedient, very sociable and patient with children. He is especially so with his daughter who teases him a lot, laughs Simone Filesi. Between him and his dog, trust is total and reciprocal.”

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sono_ilcanebaloo/Mercury Press

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