Is tennis dangerous to my dog?

Is Illustration : "Les balles de tennis sont-elles dangereuses pour mon chien ?" and

tennis dangerous to dogs?

abstract what is the composition of

tennis? What “toxic gas” does it contain? Is the felt covering tennis balls dangerous to dogs? Tennis, bacterial nest? So, can we safely give his dog a tennis ball?

tennis balls contain gases that are toxic to dogs. This is a warning that can be found in forums devoted to dogs. But is it really the case? This is a big problem, just like many other questions about the danger of yellow spheres to the health of our four legged companions. Is tennis dangerous to our dog? What does

tennis consist of?

tennis ball is composed of two hemispheres, which are made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. 2 parts are bonded and pressurized; In fact, the bullet thus formed is inflated at twice the atmospheric pressure. It is then covered with 2 pieces of wool felt, and then steam jet is used to give it the final texture.

in terms of weight, the weight of the tennis ball is between 56.7 and 58.5 grams, and the diameter is usually between 6350 and 6668 cm. The mass, size and bounce performance (depending on the rubber mixture and pressure used) vary depending on the model, especially whether it is a competitive bullet. What is the “toxic gas” contained in the

? The inside of the

tennis ball is full of air. This is why many people believe that this object contains gases that are toxic to dogs. After inhalation, animals will face health risks, so it is recommended to puncture bullets before administration to release the gas.

“Que nenni!” veterinarians replied, including Pete Wedderburn, who made it clear in the Telegraph: “I also heard that pressurized gases in tennis balls are toxic, but it’s also wrong: they contain nitrogen, which is safe.”

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Pete Wedderburn proposed that nitrogen is the ancient name of nitrogen and nitrogen is the main component of the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, it is difficult to see what danger it is to dogs. Is the felt on

tennis ball dangerous to dogs? Another possible health hazard of

to dogs is the felt on tennis balls. In this case, be careful, because when an animal falls off the sphere, it can indeed swallow a certain amount of textiles. It is still a foreign body to the dog’s body and should not be found to a large extent.

on the other hand, this kind of felt sometimes abrades the dog’s teeth. The rough surface may scratch your dog’s teeth.

tennis ball, bacterial nest?

in his mouth, rolled to the ground, fell into a puddle, everywhere… A tennis ball is likely to have more than one ball stick to its surface.Dirt, impurities and microorganisms. Nor can we rule out the possibility that parasite eggs or larvae are adhered to dogs. In addition, it is necessary to expel insects to ensure the regular protection of animals from worms and other internal parasites.


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, so can you safely play tennis for dogs?

considering all these data, we can estimate that tennis is quite undesirable for your dog. Anyway, the ball is designed for pure tennis practice.

nevertheless, some dog toy manufacturers take this problem seriously. From now on, you can find any ball that looks like a tennis ball, but the material has been modified to avoid damaging your dog’s teeth or tearing too easily. In fact, the rubber fragments of broken tennis balls are problematic in your dog’s stomach.

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