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In the United States, one in five American companies provide employees with the opportunity to take dogs to work. Therefore, this practice has been very common on the other side of the Atlantic, but it is still difficult to implement under our sky. However, the benefits of our pets working side by side with us in the office are multifaceted, both for the animals themselves and for us, and ultimately for the enterprise.

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gait benefits the obstacles encountered are the prerequisite for everything to go smoothly

Pets are banned in France and many other countries, whether in public enterprises or food stores. On the other hand, in the private sector, some companies may tolerate this practice, but there are some conditions.


are not many “dog friendly” companies, but due to the possible benefits of this practice, it may change in the future. Taking a dog to work is beneficial in many ways. Let’s see how… The benefits of the

method for dogs and pet owners. Generally speaking, it is not always obvious to leave friends with four legs in the morning and not see them until evening. Separation is difficult to bear, especially when the dog is a little uncomfortable. For example,


can let the dog accompany the dog in the workplace, which means that it can be comforted and comforted. This feeling will inevitably bring additional relaxation and happiness, which will only have a positive impact on employees’ work. The presence of


dogs at work is also an important anti stress factor for owners and colleagues. It’s hard not to smile, and it’s hard to watch animals play, clowns or sleep quietly. Its soothing effect, especially in open spaces, is obvious.

in addition, it also has a beneficial impact on the relationship between colleagues because they are easier to communicate and talk during breaks.


can also benefit from absenteeism, According to the survey of readers of fast company magazine, 60% said they would work a few more hours if they had the opportunity to take the dog to the workplace.

finally, don’t forget the benefits of the dog itself, They can spend more time with their owners.

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. Although it has many advantages, it still faces major obstacles. Many management are still reluctant to defend themselves, especially on health and safety issues.

among employees, some suffer from cell phobia (although they can fight side by side with dogs under good conditions), while others are allergic to dog hair.


animals are also at high risk of injury to the workplace, as are bites “Sometimes it is an exaggerated reason, but it must be seriously considered. Therefore, one of the prerequisites for this step is that the dog should be clean and well-educated. He must also be sociable and peaceful. If dimensions and

Labrador, golden retriever or King Charles Spaniel are famous for their quiet and friendly character. However, similarly, regardless of the origin and size of animals, the education and socialization of animals have brought differences.


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of course, The consent of management must be obtained before taking the dog to work. In order to make the experiment as beneficial as possible, you should also consult your colleagues.

finally, you should also consider the needs of dogs, especially in travel. Therefore, its owner will use the rest time to let his dog companions relax occasionally.

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