A man fights a puma to defend his dog stuck in his mouth!

He knew the dangers coming from the mountain at the foot of which he lives, but he was surprised by the speed with which the beast attacked his dog. This Colorado resident, however, had the courage to fight the puma to save his 4-legged friend.

Gene Whannel was very scared for his bitch attacked by a cougar , but he saved her life by risking his own , as reported by 9 News .

This Thursday morning around 6 a.m., the man had left Sadie , a female Boxer , to stretch her legs and do her business behind the house on the edge of the forest , in Estes Park in the state of Colorado (Western United States ). It was still dark and, as usual, the dog’s owner scanned the surroundings with his powerful torch for a possible threat .

Gene Whannel didn’t spot anything, but picked up something, a sound that was familiar to him and that instantly caused him to prepare for the worst . It was a puma . Before he could do anything, he heard Sadie moan . The extreme rapidity of the attack had surprised him .

Willing to do anything to save his bitch

A rush of adrenaline led him to run in her direction and tear off a stake used to delimit the field to defend his dog. He used it to give the first blow to the head of the feline, then a second to its face . The beast then let go and moved away .

The man thought he was going to return to the charge or target him, but the animal continued its course towards the forest not to reappear. Without wasting a single moment , Gene Whannel brought his injured dog home and called the vet .

Fifteen minutes later, Sadie was on the operating table. The intervention lasted 3 hours . She suffered from punctures to her head, muzzle, ears and chest. The dog had also lost an eye . But she was saved thanks to her master.

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Gene Whannel has said he will do anything for Sadie , who is a real member of his family. He also said he had learned the lesson and now would only walk her with a leash on her .


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