What’s the price of pet nanny?

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pet seats with a wide variety. Fees for these pet care vary from professional to professional.


what is a pet nanny? Where can I find one? What is the average price for a pet sitter to keep a dog? How much is the extra benefit?

pet sitting posture is a form of monitoring with many advantages. Many people with dogs, cats and other pets prefer it to other types of services, such as pensions. But economically, is pet cushion a win-win choice? What’s the price of pet nanny? The latter depends on a variety of factors, such as animal size and specific needs.

what is a pet cushion?

pet nanny takes care of your dog, cat, rodent, reptile or any other pet while you are away. Usually, when you plan to leave home for a few days for vacation, business trip or hospitalization, you will seek the services of a pet nanny.

pet nanny feeds, takes care of, plays with and takes care of your partner. According to your agreement, he / she will visit him / her several times a day or spend the night at your house to monitor him / her.

pet mount can also welcome your pet at home. “Where can

find one?

most pet nannies provide services through mobile platforms and applications. You can find their advertisements there. These advertisements are usually geographical, so you can choose one near your home.

all the information you need to make a choice will be listed here: experience, skills, suggestions, etc.

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for many dog owners, pet sitting is considered a very cheap solution.

today, the average price of pet sitting and dog is about 12 euros a day. This price is indicative and may vary greatly, depending on professionals, dog size, number of visits per day, etc.

some pet nannies charge 10 euros or less per day, while others may ask for double.

10 euros is also the average price of a cat. For a small animal (rabbit, hamster, Indian pig, fish, etc.), about 8 euros. What is the price of

additional service?

if you just want to find someone to walk the dog, for example, some pet nannies also provide this “retail” service. The cost of an hour’s walk is about 5 euros.

can also read: how does a pet nanny work?

if you are a frequent guest of a pet nanny or intend to take care of your pet for a long time, He can give you a favorable price. For example, the weekly formula, price drop, is an advantage provided by some professionals to retain customers.

finally, on the pet seat, just like any service or commodity sales, too low price will always cause mistrust. Please feel free to consult the experts and suggestions of the canine world (veterinarian, beautician, etc.) and give your 4-legged friend to the best person

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