Pet Plate Review

Pet Plate Review

Food is a critical determinant of a pet’s health. However, getting the right meal for your dog may be challenging, particularly due to the many dog food companies available online. Besides, pet owners experience difficulty picking the right meal constituents for their pets due to faulty labeling and the availability of low-quality foods.

However, with Pet Plate, the desire to keep your pet healthy through appropriate feeding methods is bolstered by the company’s focus on delivering high-quality and human-grade fresh dog food. The company goes a step further to ensure that every meal reaches the customer’s doorstep upon ordering.

Besides, Pet Plate offers a subscription-based service, relieving you of the pressure of constantly having to choose the meal you want for your dog. To keep it simple, the company shares your concerns about feeding your dog and offers a solution that entails quality food and convenient shopping.

Pet Plate Pros 

  • There are four recipes to pick from and two therapeutic meals
  • The meal is made of human-grade ingredients that are fresh, natural, and free of preservatives.
  • The company offers two subscription plans
  • Shipping is done automatically, and buyers have a chance to cancel or pause at will
  • Free shipping
  • The company offers 100% money-back assurance


  • The company does not consider dog health issues when creating the dog profile
  • The meal is shipped in 5 large containers that consume large freezer space
  • Cumbersome insulation
  • It lacks an option to customize the delivery frequency

Pet Plate Overview

Pet Plate company offers specially formulated, vet-approved dog food to ensure the ideal balance of nutrients for a healthy dog. The company offers four meal options to pick from and an additional treats option.

  • Chompin’ Chicken
  • Barkin’ Beef
  • Tail Waggin’ Turkey
  • Lip Lickin’ Lamb
  • Treats

So, Why Is Pet Plate a Good Alternative for Dog Meals?

Kettle-Cooked Food

Pet Plate meals are kettle-cooked, meaning that they are prepared at temperatures that ensure the meal is cooked without a complete breakdown of ingredients. Preparing kettle-cooked food makes the company stand out from its competitors.

In addition, providing kettle-cooked food ensures that the meal’s flavor is retained even after the food has been frozen for a long period. The process also ensures the integrity of heat-sensitive ingredients is well-maintained, particularly proteins and vitamins. Besides, kettle-cooking preserves food moisture, keeping the dog food juicy and more palatable.

Natural Ingredients

As some companies offer by-product and rendered meat, Pet Plate ensures the utmost food quality by preparing human-grade meals. As a result, you are guaranteed outstanding value for money, as you give your pooch highly nutritious meals.

Besides, Pet Plate delivers meals free of chemical additives, flavors, and preservatives. Thus, you are guaranteed a meal that will not lead to toxicity through chemical ingestion or sicknesses resulting from chemical exposure.

Pet Plate Offers a Balanced Diet

Pet Plate meals are vet-approved, implying that they are within the recommended protein, carbs, fibers, oils, water, vitamins, and mineral levels. Fibrous foods are a high recommendation for pets with digestive problems. Besides, Pet Plate protein-rich meals are ideal for the growth and development of pups. Besides, minerals, carbs, and vitamins are crucial for the optimal day-to-day functioning of your dog.

High-Water Content

Pet Plate offers meals with high water content to ensure the food is easy to digest and chew, particularly for puppies. Besides, Pet Plate meals keep dogs hydrated, so you do not have to worry when your pooch is not taking enough water.

Tailor-Made and Fully Prepared Meals

Ready food is convenient for many pet owners as they save preparation time, transport cost, and storage space. Besides, the meals are customized based on your dog’s needs. When picking your plan, you are required to key in details about your dog’s breed, gender, weight, age, and size. Thus, you are assured that the company takes time to review the ideal meal for your pet, other than sending meals that may fail to work for your pet.

Free Shipping and Money Back Assurances

Satisfaction is a critical determinant of successful shopping, and Pet Plate ensures that you get a risk-free trial and 100% money-back guarantee, portraying the company’s confidence in their meal’s quality. Besides, you don’t have to pay for shipping as it is offered at no cost.


Pet Plate meals start at $2.50 per day. However, the pricing is dependent on the dog’s age and weight. Here’s a pricing plan for a 38 pound 1-year mixed breed male dog. The dog has no health issues or allergies.

  • $45 for full plan meal per week – shipped twice a month
  • $9 per week for six 16-oz Toppler plan containers – Shipped monthly
  • $67 for 4*9.8-oz health supplement cookies
  • $44 for 4*4.5-oz treats packs
  • Sipping – free

How Pet Plate Works

Pet Plate has introduced a straightforward food ordering process. However, you first need to create a profile in a process that involves detailed reconnaissance, as the company tries to figure out the best service they can give to your dog. As a result, the process is divided into four parts:

  • Dog details – The part requires you to provide insight concerning your dog’s weight, breed, and neutering status. The details enable the company to select the right healthy diet for your pet.
  • Choosing the meal – The part gives you an option to pick from the company’s four recipes. Besides, buyers can mix the meals however they want.
  • Choosing the plan – Here, you can choose a full meal plan containing specially curated meals based on your pooch details. Besides, you can choose a meal that contains toppers, offering wet, fresh food alternatives to your current dog meal.
  • Checking out – The option enables you to confirm your order, key in your details, and complete the payment.

Final Verdict

My experience with Pet Plate was exceptional. The company’s services were more than I could wish for. Besides, Pet Plate has remarkably responsive support, who are ready to assist you with anything you need, from cancelation, order pausing, and assistance placing your order.

I was excited about the meals I received, and I will shop at Pet Plate again. The company also has affordable plans, and their high-moisture foods are ideal for puppies.

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