Senior dog jumps on her master and barks to wake him up, as flames engulf her home

In Australia, a man and his dog were able to survive a fire thanks to the latter. Usually low-key and calm, Ally was very restless as she roused her master from her sleep, just in time to get them out of the burning property.

Wes Stevens lives and works in Ballidu , Western Australia, where he owns a pub. His dog Ally accompanies him everywhere, including in his bar, where she is very popular with customers.

“The whole town knows her. She’s a wonderful bitch , ”says Wes Stevens of the female Koolie . He also says of Ally , whom he adopted in 2016, that she is his heroine.

The 11-year-old bitch saved his life last Sunday, as ABC News reported yesterday.

Very early in the morning that day, Wes Stevens was woken up with a start by Ally , who had jumped onto his stomach and barked insistently. Totally unusual behavior on the part of the senior dog, who was naturally quiet and calm. She had never bothered him in his sleep before. The man immediately understood that something serious was happening.

She woke him up to warn him of the danger that lay in wait for them

He confirmed this by looking out the kitchen window; the whole back of his house was engulfed in flames.

In the laundry room, he stored 20 liters of fuel. A common practice in the region, where gas stations are rare. The fuel only accelerated the progress of the fire.

Wes Stevens barely had time to get out with Ally , then pull his vehicles away, when the property was burnt to the ground. He lost almost everything in the fire.

The next morning, friends came to help him find the keys to his pub amid the charred ruins of his house. He was also donated clothes.

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The man is extremely grateful to his dog, thanks to which both were saved. Sgt. Michael Dearnley , local police, also highlighted Ally’s pivotal role: “ Other dogs might have fled the house scared and thinking only of survival, but she went to see her. owner and woke him up to save him ”.


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