This stray and injured dog goes to a veterinary clinic for help! (Video)

There are testimonies of benevolence towards animals that are heart warming. The story that follows is one of them. In Brazil, a veterinarian came to the aid of a stray and ailing dog.

“ He came in very calmly and stopped, ” said Igor Holanda . The vet was surprised to find the unexpected visitor to his clinic, with no one by his side. “ When we approached the animal, we realized that it was a request for help, ” he added.

The quadruped presented a wound on the neck. As he was a stray dog, he had no family to care for him. So he went to the clinic, hoping to be saved. In any case, this is the opinion of the staff.

A saving encounter

Although the dog did not have a date, Igor Holanda did not hesitate a single moment before taking him under his wing. “ We took him to the office, did a general clinical assessment and then clean the wound, ” he told Dodo . The patient was very calm and grateful.

© Igor Holanda

Processing will take some time. Once the dog recovers, his benefactor hopes a family will adopt him to give him all the love he deserves. In the meantime, he does not let him down and takes good care of him.

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