20 dogs like “fingertips”

Among the character traits of dogs, curiosity has a privileged place. These photos show them taking too close an interest in the stories of the neighbors.

Dogs are interested in everything that is going on around them and do not want to miss any of the events of the day. This is why, sometimes, their masters set up a control tower for them to facilitate the observation operation.

Here are 20 photos of overly curious dogs.

1. With eyes as beautiful as his, this Husky scrutinizes all the comings and goings of the neighbors, insisting on having his caresses in the process.

2. The outlines of a Bull Terrier emerge behind this glass door

3. A tailor-made control tower, carved into the fence of the house by his master

4. A house discreetly guarded by this Labrador

5. We make him a door that allows him to observe while lying quietly

6. This facade was entitled to the scissors of the gardener, just as the Poodle benefited from the scissors of its groomer

7. Whether it’s raining, blowing or snowing, this Samoyed will always find a way to go and see what his master can do.

8. This Golden Retriever alternates glances, a hit on the road, a hit on the passenger behind.

9. He takes advantage of the fact that he lives upstairs to have a better view

10. The small dog occupies the lower position, while the large dog occupies the upper one.

11. Their owners remember to leave the awning raised enough for them to do their little reports.

12. He enjoys the fresh air while keeping an eye on the neighbor

13. A Pug on the left and an Australian Shepherd on the right of this turquoise fence

14. Here is the one who takes care of the red fence

15. Not yet old enough to go out, this puppy is already learning the right reflexes

16. These Labradors are curious to know what’s going on behind this half-open door.

17. He was made an opening large enough for him to stick his head out.

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18. This Bulldog doesn’t know that curiosity is a bad thing

19. This is what these 2 friends spend their afternoons with

20. You might think that this German Shepherd Dog is interested in mechanics, but he just wants to know what his master is doing.


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