After months of investigation, the main dog meat auction house closes its doors in South Korea

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This is a great victory for animal activists in South Korea. The largest dog meat auction house in the country has been permanently closed. The Lady Freethinker organization had been investigating the facility since the summer of 2020.”

Terrified dogs, curled up in cramped and dirty cages while workers pricked them with metal hooks. This is the ordeal that these animals were going through and that Nina Jackel, founder of the Lady Freethinker organization, described in the recent statement announcing the closure of a sinister establishment called Nakwon.”

It was one of the leading dog auction houses, intended to feed the dog meat market in South Korea. A company whose activity has therefore officially ceased, as reported by People.”

Lady Freethinker had drawn the attention of the authorities to this site located in Namyangju (northwest of South Korea) last summer. His team had filmed the scene, revealing unbearable images where more than 200 dogs, distributed in dozens of cages, were waiting to be sold to the highest bidders and then transported to the slaughterhouses.”

With the help of the local association Save Korean Dogs, Lady Freethinker had also launched a petition calling for the closure of Nakwon. It collected 46,000 signatures. The results of his investigations were presented to Cho Kwang-han, mayor of Namyangju, who in turn called for an investigation in early March.”

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A practice that must now be part of the past

The elected official, who had already collaborated with Lady Freethinker on other files related to the animal cause, has thus obtained the closure for illegal construction of a structure and modification of its use without a permit. It should be noted that the dog meat trade is not yet banned in the country, although the majority of Koreans do not consume it, recalls Nina Jackel. The dogs there were evacuated and taken care of.” “We applaud Mayor Cho for his decisive action, which sends a strong message internationally: the dog meat market must now be a thing of the past,” said the founder of Lady Freethinker.

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