20 photos proving that Great Danes are tender-hearted giants

The German Mastiffs are our great, tender-hearted friends. These photos are a good illustration of their endearing character.

Among the large dogs, we find the Great Danes which are very popular. And for good reason, these dogs are beautiful and imposing, in addition to being giants with a tender heart, which only adds to their charm. Indeed, German Mastiffs are both protective and affectionate. They are also very social and love children.

Here are 20 photos of German Mastiffs in all their glory.

1. This tall fellow is fascinated by the little creature in front of him

2. A very strong and very moving bond unites a little girl and her dog

3. This old Great Dane is jealous when his owner receives guests and does not pay him his full attention.

4. A Great Dane brings back, not tennis balls, but basketballs.

5. A dog that looks like it is melting in the sun

6. The wait is too hard for this dog who sees his meal simmering

7. They do everything together and, above all, they never stop imitating each other

8. The joys of driving with your son and his best friend the dog

9. A mother Great Dane who is resting with her little one leaning against her

10. His size is just a detail in his eyes that will never prevent him from sitting on his mistress’s lap, like when he was little.

11. This adorable Great Dane puppy fell asleep in a very cute position

12. They share the same roof since they were small and are inseparable

13. These 2 friends provide each other with essential support. While one is blind the other is old

14. While the Great Dane tries to drink straight from the tap, his friend finds his efforts rather fun

15. A Great Dane sulking on his sofa and refusing to turn his head towards his interlocutor

16. He tries by all means to see what is happening on his owner’s screen.

17. A brave Great Dane mother breastfeeding her young

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18. Her dog gives her unfailing support

19. At only 4 months old, the paw of this Great Dane is quite impressive

20. German Mastiffs also have that little touch of madness that makes us love them even more.


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