Woman reunites with dog after car he was in was stolen

Makenzie Koch / Instagram

The owner of a dog that had been stolen from her the day before could not hold back her tears when she learned that he had just been found safe and sound, tens of kilometers from her home. The animal was in his car when it had been stolen from him.

Makenzie Koch is happy and relieved to have found her dog Riggins , 18 long hours after his disappearance following the theft of his car, as reported by NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth this Thursday, September 16.

This Fort Worth , Texas resident had put her Golden Retriever in her SUV and put some things in it, then came back to her apartment to lock the door. On her way back to her vehicle, she saw a man take the wheel and set off with a bang. No matter how much she screamed in the hope of receiving help, it was already too late; his car, Riggins and his phone were already far away.

Makenzie Koch eventually found his cell phone, abandoned near Texas Christian University . She made multiple appeals for help on social networks, but she remained without news of her 4-legged friend.

18 hours had passed since the theft of the car and the disappearance of his dog. She was starting to lose hope when she got the phone call she had been waiting for. On the other end of the line, a police officer in Grand Prairie , about twenty miles east of there, asked her if she really had a dog named Riggins .

Riggins and the car found, the thief not yet identified

Makenzie Koch was in tears. The police had just found the quadruped unharmed. He was still in the 4×4. Her friend Megan drove her to Grand Prairie and filmed their moving reunion.

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Police held a press conference on Thursday attended by Riggins and his owner. She explained that her officers had been sent to an uncovered vehicle without a driver, but with a dog inside. The engine and air conditioning were on. The police had found Makenzie Koch’s phone number on the Golden Retriever’s collar.

Grand Prairie Police say there have been no arrests yet.

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